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Peggy Conrad

Peggy Conrad started working in watercolor as a young teacher, using it as a reward activity for students.  They loved it and so did she.  Thus began a long time study of the medium.  She was living at that time in the suburbs of Chicago and was able to connect with watercolor groups and to obtain good instruction over the years.  Although she feels she has also learned a lot through reading, she feels it is the hours spent in the practice of it that leads to improvement.

Peggy is living now in Moscow and is a member of Palouse Watercolor Socius, Idaho Watercolor Society and Spokane Watercolor Society.  Each of these groups provides opportunities for learning and opportunities for showing work.  However, since PWS is a local group, it has probably been the most helpful to her.  Artists bring current work to the monthly meetings, share information about the techniques they have used and receive feedback from the other artists about the work.  Artists are at a variety of skill levels, but are all learning.  Also, the group has an active showing schedule and this has enabled Peggy to show her work regularly.

Peggy finds that the biggest time commitment in the making of a painting is in the preparing and planning for it.  Inspiration comes from observation.  Peggy is particularly intrigued by a subject interesting or beautiful, or with wonderful shapes and patterns.  She also enjoys the photography that can be helpful in doing the drawing that becomes a painting.  Planning also includes thinking about the design, values of light and dark in the painting, and color.

Peggy has a studio set up in her basement and often paints there with the assist of artificial light.  This is a distraction free area where she can have all her materials at hand.

Peggy's work has been selected for Idaho Paints Idaho shows, for the IWS annual juried shows, and the Spokane Watercolor Society shows.  She often participates in local shows.

Peggy Conrad
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