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Maggie Keefe

The natural landscapes of the Palouse region bring inspiration for local watercolor artist, Maggie Keefe.  She is drawn to the colors, shapes, and flow of the land, paired with the changing seasons that require new and changing color palettes.

Maggie has enjoyed creating art for as long as she can remember.  In 2001 she earned a minor in art at Ithaca College where the focus was mainly on figure drawing with graphite and charcoal, and still life painting with oils.  It was not until 2013 when she was a new mom and in search of a creative outlet that watercolor painting came into the mix.  She chose watercolor paints because they dry quickly and are easy to clean up, and she had always loved the look of watercolor. She started playing and experimenting with the paints and has not stopped since! Watercolors can be difficult to control, and this has forced her to be flexible and looser with her painting style. “I think you get the most beautiful results when you let the paint flow and do what it wants, even if it doesn’t fit with your original plan.”

Although she has experimented with different subjects for her paintings, she is confident that she will always be drawn to landscape painting most of all.  “My goal in creating a piece is not to simply replicate a landscape or a place, but to evoke a positive emotion tied with a familiar place, memory, or peaceful state of mind.” 

Maggie paints and teaches watercolor classes in her studio at the WI&M Depot building in Potlatch, ID.

Maggie Keefe
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