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Karen Fung

I became interested in learning to paint later in life.   Before retirement, I was a computer programmer by profession.  I was not interested in learning any art form even though my late sister was an accomplished amateur watercolor artist.  I admire her work, but never thought that I would be able to paint anything presentable.


In 2007, I accompanied my daughter to a 6 week watercolor workshop for beginner offered by Pullman Park and Rec. I was frustrated and a lot of time I found myself sitting there.  I did not have any idea what to paint because I did not know how to draw.    The teacher was very kind and encouraged me to take a pencil drawing workshop before going back to watercolor painting.   I did and the rest was history.  I became interested in watercolor painting and had taken workshop from PWS and several visiting artists in the local area.   At present I mostly am self-learning from online courses and YouTube videos as well as learning from other artists at the PWS meetings.


Besides watercolor and pencil drawing, I also dabbled into acrylic pour painting and 3D decoupage (paper tole).

Karen Fung
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