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Bridgette Schnider (BKS)

“BKS of Color & Gold LLC creates fine art illuminations specializing in ancient techniques of gold gilding, hand-crushed gemstone pigments, foraged mediums and global heritage geometry. 

BKS previously worked as a consultant gilder at a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel, as a graphic artist for an institution on the National Register of Historic Places in Illinois and has painted ornamental ceilings in the US and China. 

BKS is a teacher for the Society of Gilders, has been published multiple times in the society's trade journal, "The Gilders Tip" and was on the establishing team for the Museum of the Gilding Arts in Pontiac, IL. 

BKS has a bachelors of industrial design and recently finished four certified courses in a diploma program with the Prince's Foundation School of the Traditional Arts.”

Color & Gold LLC

Illuminated Inspirations LLC

Bridgette Schnider (BKS)
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